Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here is a sneak peak at the colors we will be using for our wedding!  I know we are getting married in Mexico but tropical colors just aren't our style. 

Think..... Vintage/Rustic with romantic touches

Can't wait to start working on our "save the dates"  Or I guess some day around March 11 lol

Friday, April 15, 2011

Our 15 Minutes of Fame - Catch Us on TV

Since our engagement we have had a few minutes of fame......

Chicago's Best
WGN-TV - Sundays @ 10pm
Easter Sunday April 24, 2012

After our engagement, Karen from Apple Vacations pulled Billy and I aside along with Curtis and Amy to do an interview about taking a Mexico vacation.  This should be a 2min short commercial that will play during the show and will have a few sound bites of us.

NATE - The Nate Berkus Show
NBC 5 @ 2pm
Wednesday April 27th, 2012

This is why we were flown to NYC, (see the blog below)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

William and Kate - The American Royal Couple

Good Afternoon,

Since my last post of excitement about going to Mexico with the Mix radio station a lot has changed!  well... I'M ENGAGED!  Billy propsed to me on the air! It was so exciting and the propsal was just too good to be true.  Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDmDaa4sA7Y  The propsal is about 3min into the video.

It all started Sunday morning when Billy was so determined to wear a specific pair of swim trunks when I wanted him to wear another pair.  I thought he was acting weird about wearing a certain pair of shorts, but I went with it anyways.  We enjoyed some drinks at the bar and layed in the sun waiting for the Radio Show to start.   Michael Franti was playing for the show that day, what could be better then that?  So Billy set up a senario with the Producer John Swany Swanson and we were called up on to stage during the show where Billy proposed!  The crowd was going crazy!  My ring is so beautiful!  It couldnt have been better, but then Billy still had some tricks up his sleeve.  We were to meet up with another couple Amanda and Joe for dinner, when Billy detoured me to the front desk where he set up reservations for Dinner on the Beach.  Hellooooooooo check that off my bucket list!!!! It was just so peaceful and relaxing and yet so full of excitement and smiles. 

After that we enjoyed the rest of our vactation as the new engaged couple.

Soooooooooooooooooo if you watched the YouTube video you might have caught Billy saying that he wants to be called by his given name "William" and my name is Kate.  If you haven't been paying attention to the media or you live on a another planet, Prince William from England is marrying Kate Middleton and its been all the tallk!  One of my co-workers wives mentioned that Nate Berkus was having a special on his show on "all things royal" in honor of the Royal Couple.   There was a contest and I decided to enter while submitting our YouTube video.  Later that day I received a call from Emma and assistant producer asking us if we would like to be on the show.  Of course we said yes and a few days later we were sent off to NYC for a night of luxury and fun. 
We had a day to spend in the city before we went on the show the next day.
First stop was 30 Rockafeller Plaza or as they call it "the top of the rock" We were able to view all of NYC and surrounding areas! It was beautiful and yet a bit windy.   Next we walked around Time Square, mind the fact I never wear high heeled shoes I thought it would be a good idea if I did that day, and view all the advertisements and shops.  Billy won tickets a few days earlier to see the David Letterman show, so after walking around we headed over to the Sulivan Theater to check in. That was after we made a pit stop at Hello Deli to get a sandwich.  I think Billy might have shed a tear when we entered the theater, he has loved David Letterman since he would sneak and watch it when he was a kid.   James Franco was the guest on the show.  He recently just hosted the Oscars and there was all kinds of jokes made that he was high so David played off of that for his jokes. 
After the show we walked back to Times Square to have dinner at R Lounge.  The BEST view of the city!  We enjoyed eating all sorts of "small meals" as we lounged on the couch with a cocktail in hand over looking the city.  We ended the night early since we had to get up for the show. 

We were picked up early by our "town car" limo driver and brought over to the studio.  A friendly lady direct us to our green room where we sat alllllllllllllllllllll morning until it was time for us to go on the show.  I was also swept away to get my makeup done and some touchups to my hair. Then the spruced up Billys face with a little poweder. lol. Since the show had so many quests we were not able to go in the audiance to watch until it was our turn.  Finally it was our time to go!  The planted us in the front row and Nate Berkus came over to us and asked a few questions about our relationship and plans for our wedding.  He then asked me about Kate Middletons style.... I mentioned how I loved her engagement dress.  After talking about that Nate surprised me with and $800 Issa London dress!!!!! Its soo pretty and comfy!  Everyone was ooohing and awwwing!  What a great experiance.......

After the show we headed back to the airport to get back to reality.

So far the wedding plans have been a blast and we are looking forward to getting married in Mexico March 2012